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The Magic of Self-Storage: The Top Benefits of Self-Storage Units

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About 14% of Americans move each year and one in two people admit to a problem with clutter. Between moving and clutter, a storage unit is an ideal solution to a myriad of problems.

Have you thought about renting a self-storage unit? Keep reading to learn the top benefits of self-storage units.


The kids are grown and moved and now it’s the two of you. You’re considering downsizing but you’ve got a lot of nice things you’re not ready to sell or give away.

Once you’ve got the new place furnished, put the rest in storage. When you’re tired of your current furniture, switch it with some from storage.

You might sell or give away some of your belongings later. But it’s nice to know you don’t have to get rid of everything in a rush. You can take your time and think about what you want and what can go.

Staying with Your Parents…But Only for a While!

It’s hard making the transition from college life to full-time work. Sometimes it takes a few months to score that big job, and lots of kids move home while looking.

While mom and dad are happy to have you for a little while, they might not want all your stuff too!

The easy solution? Rent a self-storage unit.

Store Hobby and Sports Equipment

Are you a sports enthusiast or hobbyist? Where do you keep the jet ski, surfboards, paddleboards, and kayaks?

The garage is overflowing, and you’re afraid one of the kids is going to get hurt getting his bike out of the garage.

Rent a self-storage unit for all those adult toys where you can keep them organized and secure.

Decluttering to Sell Your Home

Is it time to sell? One of the first pieces of home-selling advice your realtor gave you was “declutter!” You look around and see how much stuff you’ve got and you’re overwhelmed.

What are you going to do with it all? Rent a storage unit.

Part of the hassle of moving is deciding what to keep, what to sell, and what to give away.

Those are tough decisions, especially if your move is sudden. You’re already making a ton of decisions. Put off the sorting for a later date.

Protection from the Elements

A garage isn’t the best place to store your overflow items because most garages aren’t climate controlled. Expensive furniture, treasured photos albums, and other fragile items need a climate-controlled environment.

With a self-storage unit, you’ve got peace of mind that your nice things won’t mildew or rot.

The Many Benefits of Self-Storage Units

Self-storage units offer many benefits. If you’re downsizing or moving, it’s great knowing you don’t have to get rid of everything right away. You can take your time making irreversible decisions about your possessions.

If you’re moving back in with mom and dad, make the transition easier by not treating their home like a storage unit.

Keep hobby and sports equipment in an out-of-the-way, secure environment.

Best of all, there are many different sizes at affordable prices for all your needs! Contact us today and we’ll help you with your self-storage needs.