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Self Storage 101: The Top Self Storage Tips for Beginners

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About 40 million Americans move every year. It’s not always practical taking all your stuff. And if you’re downsizing, you might not have room for some items you’d like to keep.

No problem. A self-storage unit is a perfect solution. Store the things you don’t need on an every-day basis.

Read on for the top self-storage tips for beginners before you store your stuff.

Label Boxes on All Sides

It seems like such a simple thing, but it’s one people forget. Don’t label your boxes only on the top and call it a day. Label the box and include a small list of what’s inside.

And do this on every side of the box! That way, you’ll know what’s inside even if the box is in a stack and not easily accessible.

Don’t Overpack Boxes

For safety reasons, don’t overpack your boxes. When packing books, use small book boxes. Otherwise, the boxes get too heavy. When you’re moving and stacking boxes, you’ll hurt your back if they weigh too much.

Use high-quality, sturdy packing boxes meant for moving. Standard-size boxes are easier when it comes to moving and stacking. Pack fragile things the right way.

Use Pallets

Store your boxes on wood pallets across the floor of your storage unit. This allows ventilation under the boxes. Don’t push your boxes tight up against the wall either.

When you’re placing the pallets, leave an aisle down the middle of the storage unit. This makes things much more accessible when you’re done loading everything into the unit.

Use Dryer Sheets and Charcoal

Sounds crazy, but it works. Place a dryer sheet in each box before taping it up tight. This keeps spiders and other insects away from the box. Put a few dryer sheets scattered around the storage unit and in the corners.

Change the accessible dryer sheets every month. Don’t worry about the dryer sheets that are inside the boxes.

Put a small saucepan of charcoal in the unit before you leave. Charcoal absorbs moisture, keeping things fresh.

Use Vertical Space

Don’t stack boxes so high that it’s dangerous, but do stack them several boxes high. Be creative about storing furniture.

Are you storing a couch? Turn it vertically and store it on end.

Don’t be afraid to put some narrow tall shelving along the walls. Load boxes onto the shelves. Remember to leave a little bit of space between the shelf and the wall for ventilation.

Put the things you might need near the front of the storage unit.

Remember These Self-Storage Tips!

Remember these self-storage tips for a great storage experience. Label your boxes on every side and include a small list of contents.

Don’t overpack your boxes and use only sturdy, standard moving boxes. Place them on pallets for good air ventilation.

Add dryer sheets to your boxes and spread a few around the unit. Don’t forget the charcoal for moisture absorption. Think outside the box, and use the vertical space!

Now you’re ready for your own storage unit. Give us a call!