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A Storage Unit Owner’s Guide to Keeping Kansas Spiders Out of Your Stuff

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kansas spiders

Are you looking for ways to keep spiders out of your Kansas storage unit?

Spiders can be an effective deterrent to keep insects like mosquitoes and beetles away from your unit.

Despite those benefits, spiders are often unwanted in a storage unit where you are housing extra furniture or other items. Common spiders in Kansas include the black widow and brown recluse, which can each be dangerous to humans if they bite.

But how can you help ensure spiders move past your unit and on to the next one?

Read on to learn the best ways to keep Kansas spiders out of your storage unit!

Use Peppermint Oil and Vinegar To Your Advantage

One way to protect yourself to ensure you keep peppermint oil and/or vinegar inside of your self-storage units.

Spiders have a keen sense of smell and do not like the odor that comes from peppermint oil and vinegar.

You can combine these ingredients to make a cocktail that will deter spiders in your unit.

Pour one and a half cups of water into a spray container. Then add a half of a cup of vinegar and 15 to 20 drops of peppermint oil. Mix the solution well to ensure it is evenly disbursed.

Now, walk through the inside perimeter of your unit and spray that solution in the edges and corners!

Plug Up Any Existing Holes

Spiders and other insects find their way into storage units through open cracks and holes that are left unchecked.

Your storage unit should be free of these cracks and holes to prevent spiders from finding their way inside of them.

One way to stay on top of this is to walk around the outside of your storage unit and look along the edges and corners. If you see any cracks or holes, use putty to patch them shut.

To be sure that you have closed any gaps, go inside your unit and close the door. With the lights off, check for the entry of any sunlight or natural light.

If you see light, you have holes or cracks that still need your attention.

Clean Your Storage Unit Regularly

One of the most effective ways to be proactive about spiders and other insects is to clean your storage unit regularly.

You may be wondering how to clean out a storage unit. But cleaning out your unit is a lot like tidying up your home or office.

First, scan the walls and corners of your unit for any cobwebs or other build-up. Use a broom to knock down any cobwebs or other items you see.

You can then use your broom to sweep up the floors to remove any dirt or debris. Lastly, use a mixture of soap and warm water in a bucket and mop the floors clean.

By keeping the floors tidy, you will make it easier to spot any unwanted spiders and reduce their potential hiding places in your unit.


Wrapping Up: Keep Kansas Spiders Out

Storage units are great places to store your possessions outside of your home or office.

But they can also be a convenient spot for unwanted Kansas spiders and insects to camp out too. It helps to store your items in a sanitary storage facility that puts your needs first.

At A-One Storage, we offer clean and spacious storage units located in Hutchinson, Kansas. Since 1995, our dedicated team has offered affordable options for you to safely store your stuff.

Contact us today to learn more about your options and how we can help you with your storage needs!