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How to Pack Fragile Items: Five Tips for Packing Your Most Precious Possessions

By November 17, 2018 No Comments
how to pack fragile items

You could never get rid of your wedding china or that antique vase your grandmother gave you. So the last thing you want is to store them, only to find them broken into pieces later on.

Knowing how to pack fragile items not only saves the objects you hold dear, it protects the memories that go along with them.

If you’ll soon be storing some of your most precious possessions, here are 5 tips to help keep your fragile items safe.

1. Think Outside the Box

Cardboard boxes may be the go-to when packing. But for storage purposes, you’ll want to think long-term.

Cardboard tends to break-down and deteriorate. It becomes flimsy and won’t provide stable protection.

For packing fragile items, go with a sturdier material. Plastic storage bins are great for rigid protection and won’t collapse in on your breakables. They’re also perfect for keeping Kansas pests out.

2. Smaller Is Better

It may be tempting to pack all your items into one big box. But that could cause more damage than good.

Overstuffed boxes can create too much weight. And over time, that weight will add stress on the fragile items inside.

Smaller storage containers will even out that weight and keep your items from breaking.

3. Know Your Environment

Kansas weather is unpredictable. Temperatures and humidity levels can range drastically throughout the seasons.

If you don’t have a climate-controlled storage unit, you’ll need to keep that in mind when choosing the materials you pack with.

Cardboard will absorb moisture and break-down. Newspaper lined boxes will do the same thing.

Plastic bins, bubble-wrap, and shipping peanuts will withstand the environmental fluctuations and better protect your fragile items.

4. Individual Attention

One of the biggest musts when packing fragile items is wrapping each individual piece up in protective material. This takes more time, but time well spent.

Bubble wrap and tape are great for fragile items. And it’s always best to overwrap than under wrap, so when in doubt, wrap it more than once.

You can also get storage bins with individual compartments to store glasses, plates, and other breakables. It simply adds another layer of protection.

5. Fill in the Spaces

Keeping your fragile items from shifting and breaking is important. To do this, make sure to fill in all empty spaces inside the storage bin with protective material.

Shipping peanuts and wadded up bubble wrap is ideal for filling in these spaces. They also help absorb any shock from sudden bumps or movement better than newspaper or old towels would.

It’s a good idea to line the inside of the storage bins with cushy material as well. If you don’t have enough bubble wrap, you can use a blanket. This will help prevent breakage from anything hitting the side of the bin.

Knowing How to Pack Fragile Items Gives Protection and Peace of Mind

Your precious possessions mean the world to you. And now that you know how to pack fragile items, you can preserve them for years to come.

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