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How to Pack a Kitchen for a Storage: 7 Hacks for Home Cooks

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how to pack a kitchen

If you’re moving house and have been putting off packing up your kitchen- now is the time to start! Why? Because starting early is your best bet for a relatively stress-free move.

For a few expert tips on how to pack a kitchen for your home move, here are 7 simple hacks to help you tackle the beast!

Simple and Safe: How to Pack a Kitchen

First thing’s first, you’ll need to prepare an essentials box which you can easily access once you’ve moved into your new home.

This box should contain: a set of crockery, cutlery, necessary appliances, an all-purpose pan, a dishcloth, dish cleaner, and food items.

For all those items you want to keep, these 7 hacks on how to pack a kitchen for moving should help…

1. Select and Simplify

Now is the time to sort through your kitchen items, select what you want to keep and then cut back your collection where necessary.

Pack all your unwanted items in boxes for donation or discard in the trash if an expiration date is overdue! You can donate items to shelters and food banks or have a yard sale.

As a general rule-of-thumb, if you haven’t used something in 6 months, it’s time to part ways!

2. Stock Up on Packing Materials

Most households would require the following packing materials when moving a kitchen:

  • Large packing boxes for lightweight or awkward shaped items i.e. dish racks, baking trays, plastic Tupperware
  • Medium packing boxes for heavier items i.e. pots, pans, silverware, and cookbooks
  • Heavy duty packing boxes with thick, double-walls for all your fragile items i.e. crockery, glassware and stemware
  • Bubble wrap, unprinted news wrap or Styrofoam filler
  • Cell kits which are handy when packing fragile stemware, liquor bottles, ornaments, and vases
  • Packing and sealing tape
  • Marker pens

It’s wise to purchase these packing materials at least a couple of months in advance so you can begin your packing early!

3. Begin With Less Frequently Used Items

Get a head start on your kitchen packing by selecting the less frequently used items and begin by packing these away first.

Some of these items may include fragile or expensive fine China, crystal vases, mixing bowls, Tupperware, mixers, blenders, serving trays, and platters.

4. Move On to Unopened Bottles

If you have a wine collection or a stack of unopened bottles in your pantry, begin your packing by wrapping these up and placing in boxes.

Select a few bottles you plan on using between now and your move, then pack away the rest. Remember to check sell-by dates on unopened bottles and assess whether you really want to keep those!

5. Tackle Your Drawers

The next step is to move on to your drawers, beginning with the messiest of them all first. Go through the content and be brutal in your selection process.

When it comes to your cutlery drawer, remember to keep one set of cutlery aside per family member for when you first move. Pack these into an essentials box!

The best way to pack cookbooks is to pack them flat to avoid bending their spines. Keep your most frequently used books on the top of the pile in the relevant box.

How to pack knives? Wrap the blades in cardboard or newspaper for protection.

6. Pack Crockery and Pots and Pans

This is where cell boxes come into play – take your time putting these together and carefully packing your fragile glassware and crockery.

Stack plates vertically to take up less space- they’re also less likely to break this way. Remember to tape the lids of pots and pans down too!

Keep one all-purpose pot or pan aside and place it in your essentials box.

7. Pack the Pantry

First of all, you’ll need to donate, eat or throw out all perishables before you move. Then, assess whether you really need to pack canned foods as this can only add to the weight of boxes and increase moving costs.

Begin with packing your spices, then move onto larger items. Try and avoid packing sharp-edged items with soft packaged goods as these can tear or rip in transit.

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