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Clear the Clutter: What to Do With Extra Stuff in Your Home

By December 6, 2018 No Comments
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Do you have a hard time letting things go?

Hoarding is a real disorder and getting rid of all the extra stuff in your home can be a real challenge. If you managed to pull through, the next task is figuring out what to do with all the stuff you moved around.

Do you throw them out? Do you sell them?

We’ve got a better deal for you. Here’s our guide to help you sort out a cluttered house. Learn how to get rid of your extra stuff below:

1. Segregate

The first step is to take all the stuff you gathered after decluttering and segregate them.

You can start by getting three big boxes. Put all the essential stuff you know you need in one box. These could be items that are everyday necessities or important gifts with sentimental value.

In the second box, put items you feel like you don’t want but don’t want to give away. These are items that you feel like you might need in the future. Finally, for the third box, put in the items you can live without.

2. Store

Now, take the first box. This should be the box with your essentials. Since you got no place left at home for these items, you should keep them in storage.

That said, make sure you turn only to the professionals. Like in marketing, you’ll want to hire the experts. This ensures your items stay safe and you can avail of a few extra services, such as insurance or storage maintenance.

Using a separate storage unit ensures you get to keep your stuff without cluttering your home.

But what about the stuff you know you’ll never use again? This is where our next two options come in.

3. Sell

Your first instinct might be to sell your items. You could launch a garage sale, post the items online, or sell them personally to friends and co-workers.

Not only will you learn how to organize your room and declutter but you’ll also earn a bit of extra income. If you run an online business, this could also be a means for you to draw more traffic to the site. You could offer these at a discounted value.

4. Donate

Don’t want to sell your extra stuff? Why not donate them instead?

There are thousands of people who can’t afford basic needs like food and clothing. There are victims of war, poverty, and medical conditions who need the things you no longer want.

Giving your stuff away to those who need them more benefits both parties. Yes, those items will help folks who can’t afford them but it helps you too. Studies show that people who donate are happier than those who don’t.

Deal With Your Extra Stuff Now

Get rid of your extra stuff now. Sell and donate what you can’t use or don’t need. For the other essentials that take up too much space, store them in a professional storage unit.

Don’t know where to get the best storage units in town? Feel free to contact us and we will help you put your stuff away nice and safely.